Roaming in Egypt Roaming Heart:  a way of life-state of being. The condition commonly referred to as “wanderlust”, or having  “itchy feet”.

Symptoms of a Roaming Heart include, but are not limited to; itchy feet brought on by the need to travel, inability to concentrate caused by daydreaming of your next big adventure, dissatisfaction with the typical 9-5 block, and an insatiable case of wonder and curiosity. 

The only known cure of a Roaming Heart is to get up, get out, and start exploring. Living vicariously through television, blogs, and acquaintances might sate desire temporarily, but it is not a longterm cure. Here at The Roaming Heart, we hope to show that travel is possible on any budget and within any comfort zone. As our first post states, “The World is Your Oyster”, free your self and give into your Roaming Heart.

The Roaming Heart is run by Keri Stenerson, a post-graduate and  severe sufferer of Roaming Heart Syndrome. Her adventures and travel desires fill this blog in hopes of inspiring others afflicted with a Roaming Heart.

For general inquires, send an email to theroamingheart@gmail.com



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"there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

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